Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Conditions of Purchase

Order Placement:

Orders placed through this site are firm on prices reflected except for Delivery Charges which may vary depending on actual destination of Ordered Goods. Delivery charges calculated online are Estimates.


Deuces Pebbles accepts payments by EFT , Cash On Delivery , Card Payments Online , UKASH , Cash On Collection at our Offices.

Unless where prior arrangements are done , all Goods Purchased will be dispatched upon full payment.

Where goods are delivered on credit, the goods will remain the property of Deuces Pebbles or its nominees untill fully paid.


Reflected prices are firm. We reserve the right to update prices on the site without any prior notification. Pricing reflected already include VAT at 14% and Delivery of upto 65%. No additional charges are applicable as long as delivery adress is within the cities that we have a branch. Should a buyer elect to collect goods from our depots, there is no transportation discount.

Product Availability & Delivery Timeframe

All products advertised are in stock as at time of such advert and Delivery is done within 72 Hours on week days for Orders confirmed. This delivery timeframe is an Estimate and is affected by Weather conditions , Product Quantity Ordered, Availability , Location of Delivery and Business Hazards that are beyond our control.

Orders are confirmed on full payment or written arrangement to make payment after delivery.

Product Specifications & Images

Product images used on this site are for illustration purposes only .

Stones, Gravel , Pebbles , Aggregates , Bark and Mulch are natural products formed through natural processes and their colour may vary from time to time and as such can not be guaranteed . We keep samples of each product at our offices for viewing and confirmation .

Aggregate size measurements included on this site relates to a "size range" of "majority" of individual aggregates and not necessarily absolute sizes of all individual aggregates that makes up your order. Clients take responsibility for visiting any of our depots to view samples before placing and paying for order.

Volumetric conversions and Packaging Images

A cubic meter is a measure of volume occupied . Its conversion from tones varies by product, aggregate sizes, packing method as well as densities . Deuces construction Solutions markets and sales products with a given tonnage. On deliveries, what we can prove to you is the product tonnage by way of a weighbridge certificate where required. Conversion to cubic meters is done by way of using standard conversion factors that Deuces Construction Solutions choose to apply and these are indicated on the product pages.

Product images are hereby used for illustration purposes ONLY . Images on this website are not intended to show the quantity of the advertised product but instead to show the aproximate color and aproximate look and feel as well as aproximate size of the individual aggregate particles.

Cancellations before Delivery

Orders can be cancelled anytime before delivery . Purchase refunds are processed within 24 Hours of receiving request for cancellation. For Outsourced Products; Cancellation Fees of 35% apply to cover goods return and additional storage fees.

Cancellations After Delivery

Our aggregates are supplied on a COLTO compliance basis and as natural stone products, they are bound to vary in shape , color and sizes when compared to illustrated images. We keep samples of each product and it is the customer's duty to compare sample with specific products required before Ordering . Confirmed Orders that are delivered  CAN NOT BE CANCELLED AND NO REFUNDS OR PRODUCT RETURNS ARE ACCEPTED except where our product is declined on presentation due to one of the reasons below:

1. Product arrived too late for its intended usage

2. A different product from ordered has been delivered

3. A different quantity from ordered (as measured in Killograms or cubic meters or units) has been delivered , of which a refund for the undelivered portion will be processed OR the balance delivered within a reasonable time frame.

Where a correct product has been delivered on time , with the right written advertised and Invoices/Quoted specifications (As written on the formal Quote/Invoice) and a return is required, we will levy a delivery fee , capped at a maximum of 65% of goods value and minimum 54%, taking into consideration the product, distances travelled and storage requirements.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions.

By Placing Orders on this site or Purchasing products as advertised on this site or these products through Deuces Construction Solutions (Pty) Ltd, you confirm that you have read , fully understood and agreed to be bound by our Terms and Conditions as highlighted . By submitting your order and agreeing to these terms, you agree that it is your duty to visit any of our branches and inspect/view product samples of your order or alternatively waive this at your own discretion.  In cases of any dispute, this copy of our standard terms will be given to you as a first step in resolving the dispute. You agree that these terms and conditions are fair and you have dilligently studied them and hereby agreed with all clauses above and you are binding yourselves to this by proceeding with this order.